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Clear PET Solution For Food Packaging

Clear PET Solution For Food Packaging
Jun 30 , 2021

First impressions are very important, and packaging is the first aspect of a product that attracts customers. Today, companies are investing significant amounts of time and money on packaging their products as it has a major impact on sales. This is why the companies choose the new clear PET packaging solution for food and gifts. 


Clear PET boxes are used to clearly display the contents of the box, and are perfectly suited to the food and gift industries because the boxes are certified food safe. What is the Clear PET plastic box features & benefits? Pls follow us as below, We will show it for you: 

(1) Premium look and visual appearance for better displaying.

(2) Individaul film protection to make scatch resistant.

(3) Excellent strength and clarity.

(4) Prefect soft crease lines make efficient assembly. 

(5) Acid free, food grade plastic material. 

(6) Stores and shops are flat to save much cost on shipping and storage charge. 

The PET acetate box is light in weight and has high transparency. These are its biggest advantages. The TRANSPACK will design the boxes that the majority accurately fits your products and making your products more attractive with our transparent plastic boxes. If any needs, pls contact TRANSPACK for more information. 

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