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How fast assemble the Clear vinyl boxes with auto lock bottom !

How fast assemble the Clear vinyl boxes with auto lock bottom !
Nov 19 , 2021


  For quick assemble and brands promotion,  We are unique in our ability to produce the new Clear acetate boxes with auto lock bottom and soft creasing lines. It is made of food grade plastic material, easy open and close. Those boxes with superior strength and performance:  characteristics.

(1)Prefect soft crease lines make efficient assembly

(2)Substantial labor cost savings

(3)Premium look and visual appearance

(4)Superior package integrity


    While other scoring methods can produce stiff or fragile scores and sharp edges, our proprietary soft creasing technology ensures that TRANSPACK Clear boxes vinyl fold precisely, have clean lines, and maintain their crisp shape.

    Those Crystal clear plastic boxes is ideal for packaging and presenting candy, confections, party favors, toys or a stack of cookies. This box features our Pop & Lock design which allows the bottom of the box to automatically shape and lock into place. It will save much time for the assembly. 

   TRANSAPCK has a number of fully automated first-level production equipments that can meet your requirements and avoid quality problems caused by manual operation, such as: sheet grinding. Our flexible thread technology has been widely used in plastic sheets like PET and PVC. 

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