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The advantages of PET plastic box

The advantages of PET plastic box
Mar 26 , 2021

PET plastic box refers to a kind of outer packaging box made of polyethylene terephthalate. It has the characteristics of good hardness and brittleness, high environmental protection, high transparency, and strong resistance. It can be widely used in the packaging of food, high-tech electronic products, cosmetics and other products that require higher requirements. So what are its advantages, let us explore together.


1. High environmental protection

The clear PET box is a kind of highly transparent material. Regarding a series of electronic products such as mobile phone batteries, mice, earphones and other packaging, it can also show their beautiful features. Furthermore, The packaging of the Electronics also has a high degree of environmental protection requirements, so the pet plastic box can achieve a good combination.

2. PET transparent plastic box can be perfectly combined with printing technology

In fact, the PET plastic boxes widely used for products packaging in life. And the perfect combination of printing technology, people can show their company information and products feature on the boxes. It will make the items more attractive. 

3. Various forms

 PET plastic boxes are suitable for offset printing, screen printing, bronzing, silver bronzing, and frosting due to their strong resistance. It can be drawn into a variety of forms, so it can often be used as a gift wrapper during holidays. This undoubtedly gives the business an advantage that can be used.

Of course, the price and cost may be higher than other outer packaging. This is also an aspect that everyone will consider when choosing it. All in all, the use of pet plastic boxes is still great.

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