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The production process of the clear plastic boxes

The production process of the clear plastic boxes
Apr 07 , 2021

1. The correct draft is a CorelDRAW or AI file, which can be converted into a bitmap with special effects. Text, symbols and patterns must be converted to curves.

2. The size and grinding line should be clearly marked on the manuscript.

3. Thickness: 0.2-0.8mm.

4. Printing methods: offset printing; screen printing; screen printing and grinding; full or partial ultraviolet effect; hot stamping and hot stamping (laser embossing, color paper embossing); embossing effect.

5. Radio frequency creasing technology: to ensure convenient folding, time-saving packaging, and beautiful box shape.

6. Gluing: Ensure that the PP/Pet adhesive does not turn white or fall off;

7. Ultrasonic welding-different welding modes can be used to make the welding edge more beautiful.

8. Packaging: Use flat packaging and shrink protective film to ensure that the product is scratched, bent and deformed during transportation, reducing transportation costs.

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