Custom clear pvc boxes for wedding favor
  • Online meeting for PVC packaging box transparent
    Mar 22, 2022

    We held a video online meeting with customers through the software zoom on March 21st. At the meeting we talked a lot about the details of clear pvc packaging transparent. Since customers need customized service, we discussed the size, style, printing requirements, etc. of PVC packing box. Because Clear pvc packaging is to be used for gift packaging, we recommend customers to use materials wi...

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  • The new year started construction!
    Feb 09, 2022

    We had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday and already back office for the work on On February 8 (the eighth day of the first lunar month). With the sound of festive firecrackers and blessings, I'm here to wish everyone has a wonderful beginning and achieve progress in business and career.In accordance with our company's tradition, the company leaders will give the employee the re...

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  • Chinese Spring Festival Coming!
    Jan 06, 2022

    First of all, thank you all for your support over the past year. All you guys are the important partners for the development of our company.The Chinese New Year is coming soon, our factory will be closed from 20th Jan to 10th Feb. We will also leave the Office on 25th Jan. Also, the new orders Transparent pvc box are NOT available next week, we only accept the new orders before 10th...

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  • Stylish clear crystal boxes for Christmas promotion !
    Dec 17, 2021

        Most Westerners always regard Christmas as their main holiday, in order to Commemorate Jesus. Children often party with their friends. The adults are busy decorating their houses. They also sent postcards and blessings to each other. On the street, there are so many Santa Clauses giving gifts to passersby. Supermarkets and various shops are selling discounts. Especially the supermark...

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  • Shippment delayed caused by CIIE
    Nov 17, 2021

        Due to the China power cuts policy, the orders production in October was slightly delayed, and some customers could not receive the Clear pvc box in time. But all the orders were issued at the end of October. I sincerely apologize to all customers and hope that it will not have much impact on the business.    In addition, the 4th Shanghai International Import Expo(CIIE) wil...

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  • Production capacity affected by China power cuts.
    Oct 29, 2021

    Dear all customers,     Perhaps everyone has noticed that the recent "dual energy consumption control" policy of the Chinese government has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be postponed.     In addition, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China issued...

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  • The Latest Trends In PVC Box Packaging
    Jun 03, 2021

        The PVC packaging market has shown gratifying growth, mainly driven by the needs of the industry and end consumers. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow the fastest. China and India are the world's major PVC packaging producers, and they are in a leading position in terms of penetration and penetration in the region.    The increasing popularity of PVC box packag...

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  • The Application of Blister tray
    May 08, 2021

    We can often see all kinds of Plastic trays in our daily lives. Such as plastic trays for beer, plastic trays for bread and so on. It is widely praised for its durability. So, can Bllister trays be used in other industries?   In fact, the scope of application of Plastic packaging trays is very wide, and there are plastic trays in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry...

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