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Clear Acetate Plastic Box Packaging For Wedding Favor

Clear Acetate Plastic Box Packaging For Wedding Favor
Jan 13 , 2022

For bakeries, food and gift retailers, and artisan culinary businesses, it's important to package these tempting treats in a safe, protective and appetizing way. Sure, you can choose the carton and string approach, but when it comes to adding value to your products and delivering them in perfect condition, it's hard to beat Clear Acetate Plastic Box .


Today, we'll show you how to elevate the most humble dessert into something memorable and craving with our PVC plastic clear box.

Could life be better than a box of chocolate caramels? We admit that when people are about to dive into a box of these, packaging is probably the last thing they think about! But Custom box clear pvc can still work when it comes to turning an already tempting treat into something "almost" too good to eat.

For small desserts like caramel, our Clear pvc box folding are perfect. We can pack any candy by color, flavor or decoration to make it very distinctive. Larger candies can be individually wrapped for highlighting. Add shrink wrap, custom labels, ribbons or bows, and even the most ordinary caramel becomes an artisan's feast. Make your products stand out, grab people's interest, and then showcase your products beautifully and effectively.


The clear, easy-to-open lid of our Clear pvc flat box gives you an unobstructed view of the candy inside. And these boxes are made of food-grade PET material, can be recyclable and reusable. If get interested with them, pls come to us for more information. 

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