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Why Wholesale transparent clear pvc box for Brand promotion ?

Why Wholesale transparent clear pvc box for Brand promotion ?
Jan 06 , 2022

Transparent pvc gift box is a setup box made from clear plastic material which is formed into its permanent structure during the manufacturing process and then foil stamped with custom advertising.PVC boxes are used to clearly display the contents of the box, and are perfectly suited to the food and gift industries because the boxes are certified food safe. Great Little Box can create custom PVC small box as a solution to any packaging need.


Clear packages give brands a competitive edge in the following ways:

1.They help the consumer visualize using the product. There is a major difference between seeing an image of the product and viewing the actual product. Transparent packaging provides this advantage.

2.PVC packaging is often used for situations in which the brand owner or retailer want to weld the package closed. This could be in the form of a clear PVC box, or more commonly, PVC clamshells. Two panels of the package can be welded together using radio frequency so that the consumer or potential shoplifter needs to cut the package open to access the package.


3.It allows the manufacturers to showcase the gorgeous design of the primary packaging for their product, such as elaborate perfume or cologne bottles.

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