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Why TRANSPACK Transparent Packaging Box?

Why TRANSPACK Transparent Packaging Box?
Dec 30 , 2021

Why TRANSPACK Transparent Packaging Box?

As the one of the leading Clear folding box manufacturer in China, we design easy-to-erect plastic folding cartons. We bring years of experience and expertise to design and produce your package. Our PVC box clear is great for the gifts, cosmetics, food and the electronics. And they often can be run on automated filling lines for efficiency.

Through the years, we’ve produced countless high-quality packages in all shapes and sizes, using offset print, hot foil stamping, cold foil, and silk screen printing to create unique designs that match your brand and attract consumer attention. 


Folding clear pvc box helps your products stand out on the shelf. Giving the consumer visual access to a product before they buy it comes with several benefits for both you and your customers. These benefits include:

(1) Build trust between you and the buyer

(2) Increase the perceived value of the product

(3) Enhance brand image

(4) Increase sales because consumers will be attracted by the products on the shelf

(5) Maintain the integrity of the product, because consumers will not feel the need to open the package in the store

(6) Environmental protection, since all the boxes made from 100% recycled PET plastic material.

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