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Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom Custom Clear PVC Box For Gifts.

Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom Custom Clear PVC Box For Gifts.
Dec 30 , 2021

    As companies strive to make more ecologically conscious choices, they often use more recyclable materials in their packaging. Clear pvc box is a great way to do this.These Clear pvc box packaging are usually made of food-grade PET materials, which can increase products brand and increase sales. This makes them a popular choice for food and candy, cosmetics, toys and more.H0a82fc05316e4955bd7f3c2f462e6f27y.jpg

    High-quality Clear pvc box retail packaging, exquisite appearance, ultra-high definition. Made of eco-friendly 0.3-0.6 mm thick plastic PET material, which is thicker than most boxes in the store.Golden or silver card can be easily inserted to the bottom. It will be strong enough to put the gift inside and be very clear in the store display. This is why our transparent pvc boxes are very suitable for gift packaging and various retail products. Due to the automatic bottom, assembly time is saved. And can be opened from the top. Lock the bottom so that it can bear a certain weight. Regarding transportation, it is flat shipping and can be easily assembled before use.

    If you need more information about the Custom clear pvc box, pls come to Transpack for more detials, we will give you the solution in 24 hours. 

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