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Cusotm factory offer PVC clear plastic box for Wedding favor promotion.

Cusotm factory offer PVC clear plastic box for Wedding favor promotion.
Dec 22 , 2021

    The need for creative and new ideas is necessary for the packaging industry in order to keep our product brand fresh.TRANSPACK understands the importance of sharing new clear plastic folding cartons and packaging ideas to assist in promoting your product and brand.


   Our customized PVC clear gift box makes an excellent choice for retail display or gift packaging. Candies, confections,party favors, and cookies look fabulous in this crystal clear box. These boxes incorporate our soft technology with a Pop & Lock design mechanism that snaps the bottom of the box into place. Assembly is quick and easy. Boxes save on shipping costs too, as they ship and store flat. Simply assemble boxes when you are ready to fill. Made with scratch-resistant material. Food Safe.


 * 【Good Quality】: Made from premium PET / PVC plastic sheet, will not easy to rip, tear, wrinkle, scratch, fog, split, break, or rupture

 * 【Easy to Assemble】: Box comes in flat and well-folded, easy to be assembled.

 * 【Transparent Box】: A pretty displaying and packing box for desserts, presents, which is very practical for wedding/party/holiday/festival celebrations.

 * 【Wide Usage】: Great for wedding baby shower and party favors/decorations, can store candy, gummy bears, cupcake, chocolate,macaron, etc; Also it’s perfect to decorate with ribbons, labels and flowers


    If any interested, pls contact Transpack for more info. There will be large discount for the order before the Christmas. 

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