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What are the clear PET plastic boxes ?

What are the clear PET plastic boxes ?
Apr 23 , 2021

1. How much do you know about PET plastic box materials?

A common material is pvc material in daily life , or saying the plastic. What everyone doesn't know is that there are many other materials for making plastic packaging. The PET material is one of them. The main feature of pet materials is that they are non-toxic and harmless to the human body. They are usually used to make food packaging. For example, PET plastic boxes can be used to pack foods such as takeaways.


2. How much do you know about the safety of pet plastic boxes?

Although pet material is widely used in food packaging, for example, edible oil bought at home, its oil can is pet material. However, the misuse of Clear PET box will still cause certain harm to everyone's health. After all, no matter how hygienic this material is, its essence is still a plastic product, so it is not resistant to high temperatures. When many takeaway shops use it, they often put the food in the pet plastic box without waiting for it to cool down. This is not a correct practice, and everyone should pay more attention to it in life.

3. How much do you know about the use of Clear PET boxes:

Since we know that high temperature will still cause the pet plastic box to decompose substances harmful to the human body, have a negative effect on health, and even cause cancer, should we no longer use it? Of course not. We often say that making the best use of everything, everyone should shine in a position that suits them, and the same is true for objects. Although the pet material is not resistant to high temperatures, it is still very safe to hold food at room temperature or low temperature.

After reading the analysis of pet materials, how much do you know about pet materials? What are the plastic items around you? How are the ingredients? Take out the takeaway box you just ordered and see if it is a pvc or pet plastic box. Don't know anything about your safety!

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