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The characteristics of the PVC packaging box

The characteristics of the PVC packaging box
Apr 29 , 2021

What is a PVC packaging box? In fact, it is a plastic packaging box that easily decomposes when exposed to heat. In the market, PVC packaging boxes have become very common, so it must have some unique characteristics. Then let us understand what characteristics the PVC packaging box has?


1. Rich Application, widely used in life:

Many of your common products on the market are actually made of Transparent PVC packaging boxes. For example, packaging hooks and shower curtains are very daily necessities, but the magic is that they are actually PVC packaging materials. In addition to these, PVC packaging boxes can also be used in many toys, gifts, hardware, medicine, clothing and other internal and external packaging. It can be seen that its application range is really wide, which is reflected in all aspects of life.

2. Easy to form, suitable for many shapes and product types:

Why Plastic PVC boxes can be used in different areas of life? One big reason is that PVC packaging boxes are easy to form and have strong moldability. They can be made into folding boxes of various shapes. The types of products that can be tried naturally increase. Up. Moreover, the PVC packaging box can be attached with rich color matching according to different product requirements. Therefore, it is very popular with everyone.

3. Low price:

Secondly, the PVC packaging box is not only widely used, but also a very cheap material in terms of price. It is reliable in quality and relatively low in price. It can be described as high quality and low price.

4. Low carbon and environmental protection:

In China in recent years, low-carbon environmental protection has always been a topic of continuous discussion. The PVC packaging box is not easy to break and can be used repeatedly, so it has the characteristics of low carbon and environmental protection.

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