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What are the printing methods for transparent plastic boxes?

What are the printing methods for transparent plastic boxes?
May 08 , 2021

Almost all products are packaged and sold. Only better packaging can ensure the integrity of the product, increase the commercial value of the product, and make it easier for customers to accept when selling. Many commodities will use Clear plastic packaging boxes, such as the PVC cake box that we often use in our lives. Sometimes we need to print some patterns or text on the transparent cake box. So how to print them?

1. Gravure printing is mainly used for printing plastic film in Transparent packaging boxes. Relief printing means that the printing part is higher than the blank part, so the printing part is on the same plane and there is no obvious irregularity on the surface. When printing, ink is applied to the printed part because the blank part is lower than the printed part, and then the printed material comes into contact with the printing plate and a certain pressure is applied.

2. Flexography is the main technology of letterpress printing. It is widely used in newspapers, magazines, books, transparent box printing and other fields, and has development trends such as toilet paper, metal foil printing, and plastic printing.

3. Screen printing is characterized by a wide variety of printing materials and thick ink layers. The printed material can be of various materials or shapes. It is widely used in metal plate, fabric, plastic printing machine, especially gold and silver ink for high-end transparent box packaging printing machine.

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