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The Application of Blister tray
May 08 , 2021

We can often see all kinds of Plastic trays in our daily lives. Such as plastic trays for beer, plastic trays for bread and so on. It is widely praised for its durability. So, can Bllister trays be used in other industries?

   In fact, the scope of application of Plastic packaging trays is very wide, and there are plastic trays in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, export industry, beverage industry, beer industry, cigarette industry, flour industry and other industries. Below, I will introduce the use of plastic trays in various industries:

  First, The logistics industry is the most used. Plastic blister trays are used more in the logistics industry. Storage, loading, and transportation of goods can be made of plastic trays with the size of the picture, which can improve the safety of goods transportation, and at the same time make use of the transportation capacity to the greatest extent.

      Secondly, it is the beverage industry. The beverage industry has strict requirements on the carrying and sanitation of plastic pallets. Most of them choose flat double-sided welded pallets to ensure the stability and sanitation of the goods. At the same time, the size of the plastic trays can be selected according to the size of the goods.

   Thirdly, it is the beer industry. The beer industry usually chooses one-time forming grid plastic trays, and the size is generally 1100×1100mm, which is convenient for unified transportation and deployment. At the same time, it can ensure that beer bottles are not interfered by mutual collisions.

   Finally, the chemical industry and export industry. ,Durable. Ensure that chemical materials do not leak and cause pollution. Since wooden pallets must be heated and smoked when they are exported, it also has an adverse impact on the environment. Therefore, the export industry generally chooses a plastic packaged plastic pallet as a loading tool for export goods

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