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Unique packaging solution for products
Jan 25 , 2021

    As we all know, Packaging is an indispensable means of product storage. And good packaging can not only reduce the loss of products in all aspects of distribution, storage and transportation, but also a way to increase the "worth" of products. 

    Transpack always believes that the packaging is one of critical components of the products. And Clear plastic boxes provide a better way to showcase your products and increase the sales. Please allow us to introduce this clear vinyl boxes as follows: 

(1) Made of Food grade PET material:   

Our Plastic packaging boxes is completely safe for food. Features unique bright & crystal clear look, won't look hazy & misty like other cheap ones.

(2) Easy for Assemble : 

It is very convenient and fast to have a fully formed box, just need to fold Clear pvc box according to the creases.

(3) Clear for the display: 

Perfect for the gifts, food, electronics and cosmetics pack, strong enough to hold them and display on the store, it will make the products more attractive. 

(4) Waterproof and dustproof: 

It will prevent the quality of the contents from being affected by water immersed in the package.

That is all the advantages for the clear plastic boxes. If need it in the future, pls feel free to contact Transpack. 

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