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Customers visit from Pakistan !
Apr 20 , 2022

    Our new friend Mr.Hanza came to our workshop for the future orders Clear plastic pvc boxes after a long trip from Pakistan on 19th April. Much appreciated it that Mr. Hanza can schedule this visiting during the epidemic. Then we discussed about more details of the PET box packaging, especially the measurement, design and printing. Also, there will be many advise for the future orders from Mr. Hanza. These are much helpful for our cooperation. 


    Furthermore, we showed him around our factory,  the production of the clear tuck top box. Mr. Hanza is very satisfied with our Factory environment and capabilities. The free samples can be provided for the approval before the orders. And we can shor the production in 14 days, make sure the packages arriving in time. There will be 100,000pcs production volume per day. Finally, welcome all the customers to our factory for more information and discuss about the clear boxes. See you next time, will show you more news about the Transpack. 


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