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Online meeting for PVC packaging box transparent
Mar 22 , 2022

We held a video online meeting with customers through the software zoom on March 21st. At the meeting we talked a lot about the details of clear pvc packaging transparent. Since customers need customized service, we discussed the size, style, printing requirements, etc. of PVC packing box. Because Clear pvc packaging is to be used for gift packaging, we recommend customers to use materials with a thickness 0.35MM, so that it will be strong enough to hold the items and display it wel in the stores. 


It is a nice talking with our customers, and we will send the video back for the details of the mass production next week. It is our first time to use Zoom for a online meeting, it seems much convenient for each other. If you need the clear pvc boxes for your products, pls feel free to contact us, the quotes will be provided in 24 hours. 


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