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How to deal with discarded plastic packaging boxes
Apr 01 , 2021

    At present, people are paying more attention to environmental protection, and the management of waste plastic packaging is very strict. The recycling of PVC packaging boxes waste is considered to be the most effective way to control environmental pollution, and save energy. So how to deal with discarded plastic packaging boxes?


    The recycling technology of clear plastic packaging waste is roughly divided into three types: recycling, incineration and landfill. Recycling is a method of promoting the recycling of materials, protecting resources and the ecological environment. This method can be divided into three types: recycling, mechanical treatment recycling, chemical treatment recycling. Recycling recycling means that there is not processing any more, but directly reused after cleaning.

    Mechanical treatment recycling include direct recycling and modified recycling. Direct recycling mainly refers to waste plastics, which are directly plasticized after pre-treatment, crushed, and then subjected to molding processing and granulation. This method is mainly used for leftovers and residual products in the production process of packaging products. They can be directly fed into the hopper and used with new materials at the same time, without any pre-treatment.

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