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The die cutting the plastic packaging boxes
Apr 07 , 2021

Plastic box packaging is widely used for display and storage the products in life.  Generally speaking, Clear plastic packaging box are transparent. It allows consumers to directly see the style, quality and color of the internal product. In fact, did you know that? Plastic box packaging clear are made from large plastic sheets and need to be processed later. Are you interested in the production of clear plastic boxes?

In fact, the process of clear plastic packaging box is also controlled by a computer. Firstly, we need to Make laser die-cutting boards. Then re-input the size, shape and cardboard grams of the plastic packaging box into the computer, and then the computer controls the laser movement to engrave all the tangent lines of the plastic packaging box on the plywood, and finally insert the knife line to cut.


The process flow is as follows: take a sample of the plastic packaging box, draw a die line, copy the inlay design of the plastic packaging box, transfer the inlay design to plywood drilling, sawing, embedding, and produce the die cutting board, finally Die cutting.

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