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Shippment delayed caused by CIIE
Nov 17 , 2021

    Due to the China power cuts policy, the orders production in October was slightly delayed, and some customers could not receive the Clear pvc box in time. But all the orders were issued at the end of October. I sincerely apologize to all customers and hope that it will not have much impact on the business.


    In addition, the 4th Shanghai International Import Expo(CIIE) will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from 5th -10th Nov. Duing to a large number of flight cancellations, the transportation process caused a lot delays. In view of the epidemic situation and the instability of transportation, we recommend that customers communicate and place orders in advance to prepare for the arrival of Christmas. This will be the best way to avoid much delay, and receive the PVC clear boxes in time, which will have a huge impact on your business.

    TRANSPACK is committed to providing high-quality Clear pvc packaging box solution and customized services for every client. Before placing an order, you can contact our staff to communicate the packaging details, we will definitely provide a right way for your products.

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