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Stylish clear crystal boxes for Christmas promotion !
Dec 17 , 2021

    Most Westerners always regard Christmas as their main holiday, in order to Commemorate Jesus. Children often party with their friends. The adults are busy decorating their houses. They also sent postcards and blessings to each other. On the street, there are so many Santa Clauses giving gifts to passersby. Supermarkets and various shops are selling discounts. Especially the supermarket is the busiest place.


    Same situation for our TRANSPACK. Many customers are designing and producing Transparent clear pvc box for the big sale, in order to promote their brands. So far, we have received many orders for Christmas promotions. Now 6 production lines in our factory are open producing Plastic clear pvc box. Even if the transportation is affected by the epidemic, we still try our best to short the production cycle and transportation time. To ensure that PVC packaging clear box can be delivered to the customer in time.


    Furthermore, our factory will be closed from the 24th December to the 29th December. If you have any enquiry for the custom clear pvc boxes, pls leave me the message, we will give you the quote in 24 hours. Finally, Hope you enjoy the happiness of Christmas and all the trimmings 

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